(English) her story

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  1. Susan Grossman Swift

    I met her in KM with A. I will keep her in my thoughts.

  2. Tan Fang Fang

    Actually that was another Burmese patient, Mrs S. This lady has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. The lady you met…well we couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Her symptoms and behaviour fall under what we sometimes call a factitious disorder.

  3. Susan Grossman Swift

    Oh….I see. They looked alike. They will both be in my heart. I am blessed by all you do…my husband loves your website and goes there at least twice a day…;)

  4. Susan Grossman Swift

    Fang Fang – Hi dear…I’m on Paul’s computer, so emailing you this way. Amanda said NO we have not received anything from you, for Crystal, from Amazon.com. Sorry…but thank you. Love, Susan

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