A Very Encouraging Day

We visited A Di Zhua, Pu Qie Sha, and Ki Li Jia who relapsed two years ago and has been locked in a corn crib since.

If you’ve followed our story on KiLiJia, he had been refusing medication and all our attempts to persuade him otherwise. But 12 days ago, he voluntarily asked if he could put on some clothes and take his medication. He was even open to taking a depot shot.

I am a little ashamed that we had sort of given up trying to persuade him to take his meds. But very thankful that our Father did not forget him nor give up on him. Two days ago I talked to him, and he was engaging and polite. He asked if he was not to be let out, could he be given some reading material and if we could come see him again soon.

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  1. Susan Grossman Swift

    My heart still breaks when I see and read this. But, Our Father knows best, and He is in control. Right now, even in our country, there is so much stress and mental fatigue. There are still 683,000 people without power, light, water, food, homes, etc. The are living in shelters. I pray for your friend and for these dear people here at home; that the Hurricane of our lives will be washed away by the one who cares. God Bless you; I love you both. Susan

  2. Loy

    Hi fang fang,
    Do you know riverlife church in pasir ris?
    Just wondering if we belong to same church.

    God blessed on all your great works.


  3. Tan Fang Fang

    Hi Loy,

    is Riverlife pastored by Dr Freddy Boey or Uncle John Lee?

    I am from BFEC.

    Thank you for your kind and warm wishes!


  4. Loy

    Yes, Dr Freddy boey is the elder in our church.
    I am curious by any chance any of your cousins are from our church as well..?
    Well… I did contacted you several years back after watching find me a Singaporean…

    Anyway thank you FF, what you are doing really inspired me a lots, it also leads me indirectly in someway into knowing our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you.

    Please take good care and god bless.


  5. Mei

    Hi Fang Fang,

    I have enjoyed reading the blog. Can you get in touch with me?

  6. Tan Fang Fang

    Mei Mei! Is this who I think it is? Tan Lay Mei?? If so I am very glad to see you again! Do you still have my email address?

  7. David Too

    Hi Fang Fang

    I chanced upon Youtube and watched the episode on “find me a singaporean”. Like many, I am touched by what you are doing in Yunnan.

    Saw from the show that your church is supporting you currently. I would like to make some donation to you. Can you tell me how to go about doing it?

    Tell me what else I can help…

    David Too
    You can also find me on Linkedin & YouTube.

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