Not Wasting Her Cancer

A precious friend whom we got to know incidentally in October in our county hospital. Our patient and friend A Deng had been there because his catatonia was presenting itself in him not eating or drinking. That’s when we met Ma You (Lisu for ‘Auntie). Her husband asked us if anything else could be done for her g.i problems. Not knowing how serious her condition, we asked the doctors. That’s when we found out she was suffering from cancer. And that there was nothing more the doctors could do for her.
In the last few weeks we’ve witness her doubt her own salvation. Her husband and her own confidence had been shaken by a ‘prophet’ who told her she had offended demons many years before because she had not killed a pig the right way. She wondered if all her sins were truly forgiven. There have been moments when she was in excruciating pain. Three days ago she was also bleeding internally. But what wonderful opportunity to work out her S with fear and trembling. Today she said although she does not dance nor really enjoy it, she loves singing the hymns. And now to see her place her trust in Him.
The patients in the same ward as her come and go. But they see her hope is in the One who never changes. They see her clinging on to Him, praising Him, lifting Him. Some are indifferent. Others wonder why she would continue to trust Him when He does not seem to be healing her. Many are encouraged and moved.
She is certainly not wasting her cancer. Neither should we waste the moments in our lives where we can lift Him high in times of suffering and pain.

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