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Guitar Hero

Prodigious student, Aki. A says he’s the fastest learner ever.

Proof that Nick was here in Fugong!

Amanda has been busy. Really busy. Apart from teaching English, Braille and Chinese, she’s started teaching guitar playing too. More pics coming later…

San Jie Gets a Hair Cut

First LXH discusses the hair style she wants for her sister.

Hair style negotiated and decided upon!

Getting into the right position for a hair wash was difficult!

Almost there…

Et Voila!

So San Jie’s hair is full and thick. And there was a problem with lice. LXH felt it was best for purposes of hygiene and own personal comfort that she kept her hair short and chic. And so the journey to cut hair in Fugong town began. The hardest part was finding a comfortable position to stay in while having her hair washed. And then it was over. Everybody was pleased!

Meet San Jie

Last week, San Jie came to visit for a few days in the village. We celebrated thanksgiving together. Went up the mountains together. Rested on Sunday together. She’d been a patient and friend for many years but this was the first time since 2007 that we got to spend that much time together. Nick said he enjoyed climbing whenever San Jie was around because it meant we climbed at a comfortable pace, got to rest and enjoy the beautiful sites while we climbed. San Jie is back in Bijiang now. High up in tea plantation territory where she feels most at home and safe. Please remember her.

A Very Encouraging Day

We visited A Di Zhua, Pu Qie Sha, and Ki Li Jia who relapsed two years ago and has been locked in a corn crib since.

If you’ve followed our story on KiLiJia, he had been refusing medication and all our attempts to persuade him otherwise. But 12 days ago, he voluntarily asked if he could put on some clothes and take his medication. He was even open to taking a depot shot.

I am a little ashamed that we had sort of given up trying to persuade him to take his meds. But very thankful that our Father did not forget him nor give up on him. Two days ago I talked to him, and he was engaging and polite. He asked if he was not to be let out, could he be given some reading material and if we could come see him again soon.

Now playing at a theater near you

Snow, Noise, and Friends

Testing out the website video capabilities.

Can you view this old clip from Winter 2011?

chocolate lisu lava cake

DSH saw pictures of me blowing out candles on birthday cakes and asked if we could teach her how to bake a cake too.

After all the hard work of whipping the eggs, sifting the flour, mixing in the chocolate with the butter, KLB enjoys the right to lick the spatula.

Our first Lisu tea party!

Worth the climb

A loving and close knit family, they have supported their dad through many years of mental illness.

ADS was kept in a corn crib for many years before hearing about us. With medication and a supportive family he was freed 3 years ago. It took a while before he could walk again though.

ADS’s beautiful grandchildren

Effects of Listening to My Lecture

So this is what happens when I talk about suffering and the sovereignty of our Father. I have a soporific effect on the young’uns.

F L A V O (U) R F U L

I’d like to keep putting up the illustrations of this book and to continue with my (artistically licensed) translation of this story, but I fear it would border on copyright infringements. Just to bring this story to a conclusion, Ramona begins to draw again, with great gusto and freedom. So I’d just like to end by wishing all of you an inspired and flavourful summer (what’s left of it). And to encourage all of us to keep using the gifts He gave us with great flourish and passion. To His glory.

Thank you for sustaining our patients with your prs. Have a blessed remaining summer.

F L A V O (U) R VI

Ramona had never thought of a vase as having ‘flavour’. But now she discovered a whole new perspective. All her pictures did have a certain…flavour!