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F L A V O (U) R V

“I especially like this one,” said Marissa.
“It was supposed to be a vase,” Ramona replied.
“But it looks nothing like it.”
“No, but its got…the vase’s FLAVOUR.” explained Marissa.

F L A V O (U) R IV

Unbeknownst to Ramona, she had an admirer. One day, she noticed her little sister, Marissa picking up a crumpled up drawing that Ramona had thrown away. “Give that back!” Ramona hollered, following Marissa into her room. What she saw in the room took Ramona’s breath away.

The walls of Marissa’s room were covered in her drawings!


One day, as Ramona was drawing a vase, her brother, Leon walked by. He looked over her shoulder and suddenly laughed. Pointing to the picture he asked, “What on earth is this?”

Ramona became very unsettled by her brother’s mocking words. She tried to capture the likeness of the vase by drawing and redrawing again and again. But it was no good. At last she put down her pen, defeated. “I am finished,” she said.

F L A V O (U) R part II

She drew, whatever the time.

She drew, whomever the subject.

…And she drew, wherever the place.

(English) F L A V O (U) R

Nothing happened this summer to our patients. This is a good thing. No relapses. No mishaps. Just a faithful, relentless pursuit of maintaining mental health well being on their parts. We can only pr that they are as relentless and faithful in the pursuit of their spiritual well-being in the One who ordains and permits all things. Including mental illness. And so I thought I’d share part of a story book that Amanda got for me last year. It’s been translated into Chinese and if any of you seeing this know the original please let me know. It’s inspiring and reminds me a lot of a 10 year old girl I spent last summer with. Here it is:

This is a story of a girl named Ramona. Ramona loved to draw.

(English) His Mercies Are New Every Morning

(English) In Loving Memory

(English) Bling in Black and White

(English) her story

(English) Ah Ci is getting better