Da Gong

da gongda gong2
Today my tender-hearted nine year old friend told me that some 60 men and women from our village left home to find work in far off provinces. He said his class mates, whose parents have gone, must be feeling sad and lonely. Another of our wise and capable 10 year friend has had her mother leave them 2 years before, then her step-mother recently (as a result of being rejected by her husband), and now her own father just today.

These days, there are more children ‘orphaned’ by parents going off to find work in hopes of making loads of money, than death or divorce or desertion.

What do we do?

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  1. Susan Grossman Swift

    I am so sorry. Is it someone I know? I feel sad for the children. I complain about the little things when they have such big issues that are so real to them. I hope they will find peace in whatever you and A. can do to help them. We must treasure the times we have with our families, whether far or near, and know that our Father is in charge of it all. You are all in my heart of hearts today… With much love, Susan

  2. amanda

    here i am. checking the website.
    this post made laugh when I remember for how long I thought ‘da gong’ was a place.

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