her story

This is our new patient. She returned from Myanmar recently, after having burned down her own home in the midst of a psychotic episode. Although her family was thankfully unharmed, soldiers demanded a monetary fine the family just could not afford. And so they are back here, without a home of their own.

She misses Myanmar and its flat lands and fears she will tumble and fall if she takes walks in the mountains.

There were 13 children in all. And now there are only 5 left. Her lovely 12 year old daughter,  Ah Cha, is now ensuring she takes her medication, and generally looks after the rest of her surviving children. But Ah Cha can’t go to school here because she learned everything in Burmese.
Please remember them. Please pr that her children can get some schooling again. Please pr her can get better with the meds.


4 Responses to “her story”
  1. Susan Grossman Swift

    I met her in KM with A. I will keep her in my thoughts.

  2. Tan Fang Fang

    Actually that was another Burmese patient, Mrs S. This lady has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. The lady you met…well we couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Her symptoms and behaviour fall under what we sometimes call a factitious disorder.

  3. Susan Grossman Swift

    Oh….I see. They looked alike. They will both be in my heart. I am blessed by all you do…my husband loves your website and goes there at least twice a day…;)

  4. Susan Grossman Swift

    Fang Fang – Hi dear…I’m on Paul’s computer, so emailing you this way. Amanda said NO we have not received anything from you, for Crystal, from Amazon.com. Sorry…but thank you. Love, Susan

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