There’s no place like home (x3)

Li Si Cai home again3

For those who watched The Wizard of Oz and felt the joy and satisfaction that Dorothy felt, after that long journey, when she finally got to click her shoes and go home, let me just say that’s how I felt when I got to see LSC resting, working, living in the home he’s grown up in and loved all his life. I want to thank all of you who walked with LSC through this journey, praying for him, asking about him, as he got sick, got to Kunming, got treatment and got to go home all over again. This is the second time LSC has travelled this road from relapse to recovery. And I’ll be honest, there is, within my heart, along with the joy and gratitude that he is healed, a fear that there will be a third or even a fourth time. And that is why I am asking that, as you pray for LSC, you will pray not merely that he stays well mentally. Please pray that he can be like Horatio Spafford, who in the depths of his sorrow and darkness of circumstance, cried out “It is well wilth my soul”. I do not know how many times LSC will relapse. I do not know how many times he will get better only to get worse. But I do know we can be pr-ing that he hopes in our Father all day long. And that his parents will do the same. That we hope in what is eternal, and in doing so, hallow His name.

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  1. Susan Grossman Swift

    Yay!!! What a Miracle!! I have been thinking of him often as many of us have. What grand news! Father is a Miracle Worker; is He not?

    With love,

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