Updates on Li Si Cai

Li Si Cai in hospital
For those who have been praying for Ah Deng, a heartfelt thanks. Ah Deng has had 2 ECT (electro-convulsive therapy) treatments so far. He’s better. Starting to speak and eat, although doctors have noted that the improvements (he suffers from catatonic schizophrenia) are not as great as they expected. So they have slated him for 8 more ECT sessions.

If anyone wonders if ECT today is like anything portrayed on One Flew Over the CUckoo’s Nest, well, it’s not quite the same. For one, much more is done today to ensure that the patient is comfortable and not in pain. As you lift him up please also remember his father who cares for him all round the clock. We pray too that they will lift Him up in the hospital, so that patients and doctors alike may see the love and devotion of Ah Deng and his family and know our Father in heaven.

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  1. Susan Swift

    He is in our heart. I am glad you explained about the ECT. I used to work at a mental hospital when I was getting my Music Therapy Degree and it was awful. We will continue to lift up A Deng and his father. Bless you, dear Fang Fang.

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