Don’t waste your mental illness

A Deng and a very relaxed, relieved dad

A Deng and a very relaxed, relieved dad

I visited A Deng yesterday. He has completed 8 sessions of ECT and doctors feel treatment has been successful. His “Ah Ba” as you can see from the picture is relieved and rested and all smiles. Though he feels that Ah Deng still speaks very haltingly, he is much better in every other aspect. Both would like to return to their home in LMZK as soon as possible.
Yesterday I asked A Deng what he’d been doing during his free time in the hospital. He talked about reading the book. But not in Lisu because he can articulate the words but not understand the meaning. He understands it better in Chinese.
His younger brother, on the other hand, who’d come to Kmg to help take care of A Deng, has not been doing so well. He spent most of his time drinking, and then trying to pick fights. His dad had no choice but to send him home.
Thank you so much for remembering this family all these months. A Deng himself is aware that many of been lifting him up. He thanks all of you too.

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  1. Susan Grossman Swift

    He is in my heart and prayers. May his mind and soul be healed. Love you all.

  2. Lee

    Hi, Fang Fang how will it be possible to provide donations to support Fu Gong Mental Health?

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